About Us

Najeh is manufacturing surgical and medical instruments since 2004, leading the industry, following and implementing global industry practices’ and benchmarks, ensuring complete standardization of medical equipment and devices.Najeh is a supplier of all kind of instruments and our goal is to provide you best equipment with improved service facilities – starting with the selection of raw material to manufacturing, all the way to your doorstep.

Najeh is certified with international certifications – which gives extra assurance to your patients with 100% quality assurance.

Najeh Medical Instrument Suppliers Ltd is an established and trusted supplier of medical products, sourcing and distributing our products to hospitals, laboratories, other healthcare organizations.Najeh International is Sialkot, Pakistan based enterprise with clientele from all over the world.

We, as specialists in medical and surgical instruments, know aspirations, needs and the reservations. For this, we are certified with ISO 9001-2008, ISO 13485 - 2003, 13485 - 2012 & CE mark. A benchmark we have been following in our manufacturing since 2004. We specialize in world-class quality passed medical and surgical equipment, like –

  •           Diagnostic Instruments
  •           Plastic Surgery Equipment
  •          Ophthalmic Instruments and items
  •          Electro-surgical instruments
  •          Dental Surgery Items - Disposable and re-usable
  •          Veterinary Surgery Equipment

We follow the international strict process of quality assurance at every step of our manufacturing process. From raw material selection to grading of the material, the manufacturing and molding process to quality checking, sampling and packaging.
We have hired engineers and technicians who are qualified and well-trained for the industry that caters to your daily reservations in the medical practice.

Our customer services department are able to help you identify the most appropriate product to suit your needs, and can provide excellent after-service following the purchases. All medical products from our catalogue can be purchased on retail prices as well as on wholesale rates which will get you healthy discounts; purchase orders can be placed by post or email.

Our dedicated export department will also ship our products all over the world and to your doorstep.